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The Crazies Through the foreshadowing element of the plot, the characterization of The Crazies as pleasant townspeople verse the naive government, reinforcing the theory of the corrupt system that “the people” have no say in. In the movie, people experienced many death defying incidents based off the monsters that we rely on to keep us safe from any harm. Leaving destruction in their paths with no remorse, the military is the new defined Monster that plays a heavy role in todays society. The monsters that are persistent throughout The Crazies, is known as the beloved military that protects and serves their people in need. Although we are aware that this destruction was in fact caused by conflict between the people including the military verse the zombies, the government had led on an act of complete annihilation of the town. Looking back in detail, you shall remember that the zombie apocalypse would not have happened if it were not for the military plane, that had carried chemicals that effected the water supply for the town. In a short period of time, the people of the town had already consumed great amounts of hindered fluids; the people rapidly begun to evolve into “zombies”. From many centuries of training, some might expect that the military should have handled the situation a lot better rather than destroying a whole town. Given that the military had thrown a heartless act at the small family style town; generations of memories had been destroyed by a creation that caused a retaliation by the creators themselves, the military. In today's media, whether social or public, there has been a lot of disputes between civilian citizens that discuss the conflicts and issues that the military causes and how it affects the society as a whole. Domestically, it has been widespread that mass media news companies broadcast how the military goes on missions and either gets ambushed by insurgents or completes missions and satisfies the commands given by their higher appointed authorities. Such things include whether an IED or anti-tank mine blast has either injured or killed numerous US Soldiers, or whether the completion of a search and rescue mission is the talk of the day with news stations. This widespread with public relations has become a conflict to civilian society because it has brought up the wrong kind of attention towards the military as well as statewide/national plans of action. Personally, I have experienced service members either being "boo'ed" or told they are murderers because of the orders they have been given to go out on the frontline and either retaliate and shoot at the "enemy", but in reality, what is this image that people perceive to be as the "enemy"? I have friends that serve in the Army, Marines, and Air Force, and in my opinion, I appreciate their service and do not think that without the service of our military members - both current or from the past - that we would have the freedoms we have today. If you look at other countries, most of their governments and military form the dictatorships and communist ways of being versus our country's democratic rule. Yes, it may be wrong to hear about how…