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Liz Portonova 7th Hour 6/3/2014 Who killed Reconstruction? The South Killed Reconstruction Reconstruction is the time after the civil war and the U.S. government worked to reunite the nation and helped rebuild the southern states. The former slaves received an increase in freedom but the northerners did not like it. But 1876 was an exciting year for America it was the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence and America was on the move.
Homesteaders and ranchers were filling up the land west of Mississippi. The black codes restrict the freedom of freedmen because even though they were free they still very restricted they couldn't have as many rights as the whites. They also they weren't allowed to have public meetings or the freedman shall be allowed within the town say
Document A. Document A also states that or freedman shall come within the limits of the town of Opelousas without special permission from his employer and who ever broke this law would go to jail and work for two days on public streets or pay a fine of five dollars. In
Document B the real end result of sharecropping was that they were very good and they would be even better. The groups the KKK threaten were the African Americans who ran for a government position. The KKK attacked these people African Americans because they didn't agree with them being freedman or freed slaves. These documents help with answer DBQ questions

becauses it helps show that the south is rebelling and being childish about the reconstruction.
The KKK attacked Abram Colby because he was a former slave who was elected to Georgia state during the Reconstruction. The people that made up the KKK were some first class white men one is a lawyer and one is a doctor and the rest are farmers. The ultimate goal for the KKK was not to get any African Americans elected and getting them to but a Republican ticket and not a Democratic ticket. The cartoons main idea its showing that no one will stand up for him and they are making him buy a Republican ticket even though he wants a
Democratic ticket or they will kill him. The first phrase means that were trying to solve the race problem in the south and they were very suspicious of what they were