Essay Unit 3 Industrial Revolution

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BY: Aleesha Love

Over 200 years ago the Industrial Revolution began. It was called the Revolution because the changes that were made were great. It changed the way many products such as cloth and textiles were manufactured. It affected the way people worked and lived on a daily basis. The world as we know it today was influence by the revolution in many ways. Industrial Revolution began in England in the middle 1700s. During the Industrial Revolution items were manufactured, prices were lower than usual, workers became more productive. The industrial Revolution was also harmful; the working conditions were harsh, which caused pollution. Women and children were also working in these harsh conditions, while they worked for low wages for long hours.
There were many developments that made the Industrial Revolution very affective. One of the positive developments in the industrial revolution would be the ability to produce products at a cheaper price. New technology was invented to produce the products and to increase the production items. This benefited workers in many ways. Workers wages were increased which improved their everyday living. Families were able to buy goods and support their families. Another positive development that affected the American life was the industrial system. A production of easier transportation was very important. They made new roads and easier ways for transportation. An effective transportation system was very important to the United States. They invented the railroads and steam powered ships which help Americans traveled to different areas easily and quicker than usual.
With all the positive productions going on through the Americans life there were some negative developments that affected the American lives. One crucial negative was the health of the workers, the ones that worked in the toxic and harsh working environments. Even though they had jobs and was working minimum wage