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Good day to you all. I amhere to share my opinion that the human race portrays itself as the superiorinhabitants of this planet.

Through our years of evolution, we have placeda mask of egotistical blindness on ourselves. We separate ourselves from ourplanet and the other living things on it as if all they are good for is to serveus, keep us healthy, house and clothe us.

According to one theory, we allcame from the same primordial ooze, in which case we humans didn't come from somespecial place. We evolved with other plants and animals, and who's to say that weare any better than they are? We tend to separate ourselves because of ourso-called "superior intelligence," but how do we know what otherspecies are thinking? We don't know that our thinking is unique.

If youreally think about it, our "intelligence" seems to be more of anevolutionary mutation to help us survive than a unique power that puts us aboveeverything else. Compared to other animals, we are quite helpless and weak. Takethe wolf, for example. It has incredible stamina and powerful legs to chase preyand travel hundreds of miles. The average adult human may have enough stamina towalk to the refrigerator during commercials and enough leg power to push down thegas pedal of a car.

The wolf doesn't need the intelligence to make agun to shoot its food or to make a car for transportation. We do because we havedomesticated ourselves for the worse. At one time we could fend for ourselveswithout fancy tools and weapons, but then we developed things like bows andarrows, knives and spears. These were useful, but with their introduction, ourbodies grew weaker. With every new convenience our physical power hasdecreased.

Now, we have gone beyond the necessities to survive. We havegotten so lost in a world of gadgets and gizmos, from high-performance cars tovacuum cleaners to heated toilet seats, that we don't remember what things usedto be like.

Instead of living with our planet, we destroy it, just as weare destroying ourselves. But this seems to be human destiny. As our bodies andsouls deteriorate in front of computers, our