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My experience reading Who Am I This Time was not as noteworthy as watching the film. Watching the film was more significant than reading the piece. I could see the emotions of the characters compared to reading about their actions. Reading the piece was drawn out, whereas watching the actors was more instant. I was engaged from the moment I saw Harry playing another character. With reading, I would lose my focus and wouldn’t pay enough attention.

Both are entertaining and successful. Yet, as a person who is more visually stimulated – seeing the film is more entertaining. The written piece is clearly successful when there’s a film made from it. The film is successful because the storytelling makes sense. There aren’t any plot holes and it was a clear objective for the protagonist. The theme of love is clear as well with each little clue (e.g. Helene’s gift; Harry and Helene’s reenactment of a scene in The Importance of Being Earnest).

The main differences from the story and the director’s version were the picnic scene and the ending. The director’s decision to give exposition for Harry’s character works well. The picnic scene gives insight on Harry’s demeanor and adds to the story. The director’s choice to give Harry “groupies” was also key in giving Harry some dimension.

These works of art are both the same because they tell a story of two people that have a connection. The film is different because the audience needs to see how the characters