Essay on Who Are Our Real Friends

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Sam Arion
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Dear Kevin,

I know we have both moved away and moved on with our lives far past high school, but I have been thinking back on our time together during our time in high school and on the football team. You really made my teenage years a much better experience than what it could have been. You were my only true friend and the best most loyal friend anyone could ask for, despite obstacles, tough times and major sacrifices, you made those sacrifices for me and it only built our friendship even stronger.

When the head of the school board Perkins ridiculed me for who I am, my race and things I could not choose or control, I would not have had the courage to actually go to the school board all on my own and perhaps they wouldn’t have even given me a second thought had I confronted them alone. But you stood by me, even as the entire team pulled you into my harassment you did not ever break the loyalty of our friendship and saw it through all the way with me, then we continued to still play. Football would’ve been over for me that night at the opening game but you saved me and made it possible for me to carry on. Even though we are hardly in contact whatsoever anymore, I believe in our choices like that movie the butterfly effect with that Ashton Kutcher guy in it. Your decision to befriend me and put that friendship above social status and countless other things has stuck with me to this day and left a positive ray of light in my mind even on the