Who Is Anne Frank A Positive Person

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Anne Frank is one of the most positive kids to exist in one of the worst war to exist.She believed even the meanest people are still good. Anne was optimistic about other people. She even believed that the world has many great outcomes. But one thing we know about her, is that she changed our lives.

She believed that no matter how bad you are, you still have a good heart. "In spite of everything, i still believe that people are really good at heart.," is one of her most famous lines. When the Nazis found her families' hideout, They let them gather their stuff and maybe all of them don't have a choice since it's their job. And when Peter was mad at Anne, He was just scared and shy. She believed that everyone is still good.

Anne was a very optimistic person. She said "when the war ends I want to love again." She believed that she could get along with Peter. Anne even thought that her family will be worry-free when the war ends. She is a very positive person.
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one quote that proves that was "Don't say that! It's so wonderful to see them! I can smell the wind and the cold on your clothes!" When the British invaded to fight the Nazis, This would mean the war would end sooner and they would be free again. Also, when Anne and her family went into hiding, Miep would bring supplies to them every day giving them hope that they will survive. there was a great outcome for every situation.

Today Anne Frank's diary holds a piece of our hearts and reminds us that bad people are still good, optimism to others is good, and there is a great outcome in every situation in the world. Anne Frank will be remembered deeply. Her diary won't go to