Athletes Should Not Be Paid Essay

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Have you ever thought why soldiers should be paid more than professional athletes?Yet, they are not quite as rare as athletes, so no, I do not believe soldiers should be paid more than professional athletes.There is a lot of controversy about this topic.Athletes play for money and soldiers don’t fight for money.Soldiers fight for the freedom,pride,and rights of their country.Yes,athletes should get paid more ,but they should not get paid more because the government can not afford it.

Soldiers should not get paid more because they lose focus and concentration.They also will become greedy for money.Due to greediness,there will be a major increase in the number of people joining the military.Soldiers will fight for money rather than their country.

Based on research as a soldier you can have total compensation,money,education benefits,health care & vacation,additional incentives,soldiers & family services,and then after the army. After the army,you never need much money.Also you
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Thus, allowing the few best athletes, to pay large wages. Military personnel, however, are signing up for a career with the government a should be paid more.This why I believe athletes should be paid more than soldiers.

So in reality you get paid a lot more than most of you think because you have no bills.Really throwing money at young soldiers is not a good Idea,they are pretty immature with the money they have,but some provide for families back home. The only reason why I say this is because the government doesn't own the sports teams and companies. The government owns the military, and the government has a lot of things that they have to pay for.Athletes, especially those that are well qualified and paid hefty salaries, are uncommon and