Essay On College Athletes Should Be Paid

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The National Collegiate Athletic Association [NCAA] reported that they sold broadcasting writes for men’s basketball, which is worth roughly $770 million per season (Text 1, line 5). College athletics is an incredibly profitable business for colleges, and many people believe college athletes should be paid. However, others believe these athletes should not be paid. As a result, many debates have sprouted over whether or not these athletes should be paid compensation for their work. Despite what people think, student athletes should not be paid as their tuition covers with the essentials for college life, and the potential money they can make with a scholarship is immensely high.
College athletes should not be paid in the form of a salary because the scholarship they earn should be payment enough. Many college athletes enter universities on an athletic scholarship, which pays for their tuition, and it generally covers other necessities as well, such as food and living spaces. Many people have to pay for tuition in order to get an education at college, however people who are scholarship athletes do not. According to “Sorry Time Magazine: Colleges Have No Reason to Pay Athletes”, Riper states, “Most have to invest $100,000 to $200,000 to get that coveted college degree. A scholarship athlete doesn’t” (Text 3, line 22). Riper’s statement confirms the claim that a college athlete’s
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Although many people think college athletes should be paid to play for the colleges, they should not because they are essentially given a free education for their work. College athletes also obtain free dorms, gear, meals, training, tuition, and a chance to make more money in the work force than those with basic high school diplomas. Therefore, college athletes being paid is a senseless idea that isn’t based on