Should College Athletes Be Paid Essay

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Student Athletes shouldn’t be paid:
They have the professional league “The debate as to whether or not college athletes should be paid has really heated up in recent years” (McCauley). Every march and at the beginning of football season the question comes up. Should college athletes be paid? the work and dedication student athletes put in is crazy. But in the end students should not be paid for their athletic ability. Paying student athletes would raise many arguments and questions. A question that would most likely come up many times would be “Would all college athletes be paid the same?” (Tiffany). Paying all college athletes the same would honestly not be fair. Some athletes put in a lot more time and dedication and even put their body at bigger risk varying for the sports that they play. Some athletic events attract a lot more viewers and attention from the entertainment world than other sports. Those sports obviously brings in a lot more money. College athletes do not go completely without getting some type of payment. College athletes get their education, room and board, and even their meal plans paid for. “I stand with those people who think a free education, along with free room and board,
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College is a place to go get a education. ”The athletes in major football and men’s basketball programs are disproportionately black, many from poor and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds”(Yankah). Not only are they being given a free education but they are also being given a chance to change their lives and get on the right track. With a college degree not only will they be making their lives easier they will be making a difference in their family giving their children more oppertunitys. The athletes are not forced to play sports. Their simpily given the oppertunity to play sports and represent their school. In return they receive free education. But sometimes the athletes do not take advantage of this