College Athletes Should Be Paid Essay

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There comes a moment in every athletes career where the clock strikes 0:00 for the final time and in that moment part of you is changed forever.

For most of us sports are so much more than a game, they are our lifestyle, they are who we are, they are our identity. For college athletes sports aren’t just a silly game you play to pass the time – they are the core of us, they are what make us who we are.

Most of us have played sports since we were kids, we’ve spent years of our lives training, competing and trying to get better. We’ve done everything we could to be the best athlete we could be, we’ve done extra work, paid for training, participated in camps, whatever we could do to get us where we are. Then the inevitable end comes for 98% of us
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You will never get that same rush, that same competitiveness and you will never get to play on the same field as all your teammates again. There won’t be crowds to cheer you on, you won’t get to hear your name announced in a starting line up, you will never get that same feeling as when that first whistle blows and it’s anyone’s game. The gear stops coming, the ‘good luck’ texts stop, the bus rides are nonexistent and the silence is all you are left with.

Sports are the one thing that have given my life purpose all these years and after being done with college lacrosse for almost a year I still haven’t found anything that makes me feel as good.

I didn’t know what to do after I graduated. I felt depressed, I felt sad, I felt purposeless, I felt like I didn’t know who I was. The transition is quiet, it’s lonely, it’s heartbreaking. It’s going from playing the sport you love every day with your teammates who have become your family to not seeing them, to not playing.

The silence grows so loud it’s almost deafening. There is only echoes of what we used to know in the back of our