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Mohamed Stouka
WRA 135
Individual Paper
MY contribution to the final project I f working with my community partner this semester has taught me two thing; they must have how to dedicate my time to finish one task and how to efficiently work with a team on it. Working as a member of a team is an essential characteristic in many professions though this ability does not always develop naturally and should therefore be practised. It is a huge responsibility to be depended on especially from a hardworking group that is keen to learn new things every day. Though, it must be pointed out that a disadvantage of it is that less enthusiastic student get carried along the process by their colleagues, which may put some pressure on the more active members. Now, as an assessment of my contribution to this project, and objectively talking, I think I did what enough to help make the picture of it as beautiful as I could and send a clear message of the topic we are tackling to the audience. Our project topic, domestic violence against women, was fundamentally, if not purely, academic, so most of the work was researching the definitions, the causes, and the effects of it considering a database not only from Michigan, but from all around the U.S. We decided to consist the presentation of three sections, and to make it more interesting and detailed for the audience, we assigned a section to each one of us. my fare share was the cycle of domestic violence which was astonishing to me to see how huge and detailed this topic can be when my knowledge was extremely limited about. I read articles on several websites to comprehend it, both U.S and international, I even skyped some people and received good a input of theirs.

The second part of the project was the video. Well, my contribution on that was just as much as the others’, so it is quite difficult to start with “I did” or “I made”. So basically, it was just another research but now based on a database collected from our team. Simply, we walked up to people and asked them the same key questions we had on our presentation to do a comparison to that. The result we came with were relatively the same and that made me feel content because more people now are