Genetic Engineering Study Guide Essay

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It will cover pages 207­210, 220­229, and 234 ­ 237 in your textbooks.
DNA sequencing
DNA technology and genetic engineering
Recombinant DNA:
A plasmid is extracted from a bacterial cell and then using restriction enzymes, is cut open. Also a gene is extracted from a human cell. using the same restriction enzyme as before to ensure that the gene can be placed in the plasmid. The gene is placed in a solution with the plasmid and then they combine. The plasmid is placed in a bacteria cell and the bacteria cell multiplies. The bacteria without the desired gene are thrown away. The bacteria with the desired gene create the protein and the scientists extract them and use the protein for their use.
GMO: Genetically modified organisms
Pharm animals
Cloning: organism, gene
DNA profiling: STR, RFLP
Restriction enzymes:
An enzyme only in bacteria that only works on DNA that are palindromes. It breaks the backbone of the DNA and attaches in between the two parts. The
DNA can either be a sticky end or a blunt end. Sticky ends are sticky because of the hydrogen bonds that broke in the process. Blunt ends are blunt and not sticky because their aren’t any single nucleotides that aren’t attached to another nucleotide.
Gel electrophoresis:
Gel electrophoresis uses an electric current to separate different­sized molecules in a porous sponge like matrix called agarose. Smaller molecules move faster than larger molecules so they are closer to the positive charged end after some time separating the segments by size. This process is used to match DNA from a source to a person.