Isaac Newton Essay

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Isaac Newton

Little did the world know that on December 25, 1642, one of the worlds smartest men were born. In the future, he would be credited as a great mind of the 17th century Scientific
Revolution. He made great discoveries in optics, motion and mathematics, he developed the principles of modern physics. In 1687, he published his most famous work, Philosophiae
Naturalis Principia Mathematica. It was known as the most influential book on physics. Isaac
Newton died at the age of 84, on March 31, 1727. I will take you through the life of Isaac
Newton in this essay! Isaac Newton was born on December 25, 1642. His father was a local farmer who dies 3 month before he was born. When Isaac was born, he was premature, not expected to live. When he was 3, his mother, Hannah Ayscough Newton, got remarried to Reverend
Barnabus Smith. She went to live with her new husband, and left Isaac to live with his grandmother, Margery Ayscough. Isaac grew insecure because of this and didn’t behave well as a kid. Isaac grew up in a hard time for England. 1642­1646 King Charles the 1st and
English Parliament were at war. Isaac grew up with a government who forbidden all non­Puritans from Christianity. So it was a very boring time. There was no music, theaters, trading, or selling on Sundays, you were to worship only. When he was 12, he and his mother were reunited after her second husband died. She brought her other 3 children from the marriage. Most people thought of Isaac as a quiet boy. Instead of being like the rest of the kids, he wouldn’t go outside. He would stay in and mess around with gadgets, like clocks, sundials, pipes, water wheels, and other miscellaneous items. Isaac did not have very many friends, he would read a lot, also. Isaac’s first school was Kings School. Isaac enrolled in King’s School in Grantham,
Lincolnshire, where he was introduced to the fascinating world of chemistry. He was in that school for a while, then his mother pulled him out because she wanted him to be a farmer.
Isaac didn’t want to be a farmer, so he enrolled himself back into King’s School, where he succeeded in top ranks. So, when he graduated from King’s School, he enrolled in
Cambridge School, where he went from 1661­1665. Isaac’s uncle, a graduate from The
University of Cambridge's Trinity College, sensed his intellectual abilities, and persuaded his mother to let him enter the university. In his first years at Cambridge, he developed an interest in physics, mathematics, optics and astronomy, and space science. He did had some jobs on the side to make a little money. He was a waiter at a restaurant and he also cleaned rooms of wealthier people. Isaac loved being in school and learning about the things he loved. He loved physics, astronomy, space science, mathematics, and optics. But, the plague of 1665 shut down the school for 2 years, so Isaac studied on his own, in his hometown, Woolsthorpe. It was during those 2 years, that he developed his theories on calculus, optics, and law of gravitation. He returned to Trinity College in 1667, however the

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same required him to become an ordained priest, something which he detested from due to his unconventional views. Newton later became a professor and a tutor. Isaac even discovered the generalized binomial theorem and began to develop a mathematical theory that later became infinitesimal calculus. Newton contributed heavily to the field of mathematics, distinctly advancing every branch of the subject then studied. His work on fluxions or calculus was featured in manuscript of 1666, which was later published with his mathematical papers. Newton determined that there