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I seek to become a person who exemplifies truthfulness, understanding, and creativity. I seek situations that are devoid of these values, and use myself as an example of these qualities in action to bring about the change I came to implement. These values are basic categories from Rath’s (2007) StrengthsFinders 2.0 inventory, as well as the characteristics of an ethical leader from Covey’s (1991) treatise of the ideal leader. The findings from Rath’s assessment reveal that ideation, intellection, adaptability, restorative, and strategic are my strengths. Ideation is the trait that calls for me to connect themes between disparate phenomena, and a fascination about generating ideas (Rath, 2007, StrengthsFinder 2.0, p. 113). Intellection describes my introspective nature in addition to my longing and appreciation of intellectual discussion (Ibid, p. 129). Adaptability refers to my capacity to be flowing with occurrences in life, with very little attachment to the fruition of expectations (Ibid, p. 45). My restorative strength alludes to my natural problem solving capability, and my desire to decipher what is ill of a situation (Ibid, p. 153). Lastly, my assessment informed that I am strategic in finding relevant patterns and issues, and finding alternative ways to proceed in a given scenario (Ibid, p. 165).
As a leader, I see myself as a situational leader, one that seeks to be adaptable in how I manage intrapersonal and interpersonal communications, as well as accommodating tasks requiring an eccentric and imaginative viewpoint. In particular, this delivery of leadership creates a contingency of how I should lead others with differing backgrounds, focuses, and levels of development. My experiences from the workplace allow me to assert that no organization or dilemma require same skill sets to manage and resolve discrepancy. Situational leadership supports Covey’s (1993) four levels of principle-centered leadership: personal, interpersonal, managerial, and organizational (Covey, 1993, p. 31). Covey’s four levels manifest in my work as well as my