Learn: Study Skills and Different Ways Essay

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Learning is something that I was always taught to be essential to become successful in life. My learning preference is multimedia, which means having several different ways of learning. People who have the same learning preference as me might take longer gathering information, but as a result we often have a deeper and broader understanding. I am a horrible procrastinator but this is because I take longer to make decisions and studies show that this might be better because of breadth. I learn easily by looking at pictures, listening to music and seeing examples of what I am being taught otherwise is hard for me to just hear a professor or anybody just talk and not show examples.

When I first came to Florida I had to take honor classes in order to be able to take other courses for medical school, these classes helped me with my learning style since I have to learn more about healthcare. I had to confront my fear of public speaking. When I am in my classes I barely pay attention if they are not pictures of what I am being taught except if is math or ITEC but other than that I feel like there is no eye entertainment in the classes that can influence me into learning the subject.

It might sound as a bad idea to listen to music while studying or doing homework but it actually helps me a lot while for others is disturbing. Though I rather listen to loud music while I do my math homework or write an essay but I cannot listen to the same loud music if I am studying for history. Music helps me concentrate and calms me down to think