Essay on My Best Professor

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Dayana Iglesias
Professor de la Vega
English Composition II
16 January 2015
My Best Professor Mr. Molina was my professor of mathematics while studying at high school. When I meet him for the first time, I noticed his great intelligence and ability to teach. It was open his mouth and I realized that I never had a teacher like that. His extraordinary ability to explain, her passion to teach and how encourage us all to learn, was some of the many things that made him my best professor. He had an extraordinary ability to explain everything and when someone did not understand, he did not duplicate the explanation, but he turned his back with incredible metaphors. I understood that metaphors are essential to teach, because they are a direct route to understanding the complex. Never leave anything unexplained, he tried thousands of times if necessarily until everyone understand. I am convinced that the priority in a teacher's task is not to transmit knowledge, as well as sounds , but make students excited , encourage seek , inquire , ask things . The teacher must ensure that the "class" goes beyond the classroom. Mr. Molina had a great passion for teaching. His methods were the best. Not only explained how things were, but how were not and why or why not. He was interested in both deepen yes, and no. I remember his lectures were the most difficult and exams always the most feared by all. Every question that we answer, he asks us how we know. He was looking not only for answer; he wants to know what you thought. The teacher should provoke thought, like some of the classics professors say: the teacher only guardianship, the child learns by itself, the teacher must thus achieve the “intellectual autonomy “in the student. And I do not think it's that difficult, some teachers succeed as Mr. Molina did. He loved teaching and made us interested in it. He encourage us to learn, think and made us break our head with every mathematical problem…