my dream Essay

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Gu Xia, Song dynasty poet once said: my heart to your heart, beginning know to recall deep.Yeah, because you live in life, and colorful.We laugh, sadness, come together, and had been separated.I want to use my five years of life in Exchange for your forgiveness, right?

I was a transfer student, the lack of money and had no power, except one family gave me the firm depended on you, my good friend.When I came here, because I am a farm, without knowledge, and an array of County dazzled me, inevitably there will be some students joke I, give me the nickname.It's crying to me because I do not think that it was willing to make friends with me, just the family.I survived another year, I unfortunately suffer from allergic Purpura.Night shots I will stay up until midnight, rather than delay.But everything is not the way I imagined, I entered the class everyone is afraid of me, hid from me, and I had tears coming down at that time, only if you say it out loud, not contagious Henoch-Schonlein Purpura, Henoch-Schonlein Purpura is not contagious.I was like, found it in the dark with a bunch of warm sunshine, and the Sun is my hope.Each day I will miss some of the courses, are when you fuck me up, patiently about, I've never met such a good person to me.Adversity, I saw a real simple students, I see this is my summer of friendship.Then we became friend, my close girlfriend.

In summer of grade six, I was suffering from the mumps, I feel terrible, because this means I'm going to fall