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My Dream
My name is Zeinab Nasreldin. I currently reside in Brooklyn, New York with my parents and four siblings. I lived in the United States with my family until I was eight years old. In
2002, we moved back home to Egypt. In the winter of 2010, my family decided to return to the
United States with the hope of a better future for me and my siblings. My dream is to become an educator and make a difference in generations to come.
Both my parents did not receive college educations. Being the eldest of my siblings, it has been my responsibility over the years to assist with them in their studies. I have many motives for becoming an educator and that is one of them. Growing up, I witnessed my parents do everything to make me and my brothers and sisters happy. Fortunately, they were successful in keeping us happy and providing us with the lessons that will bring us success. The most important lesson they taught us is that success is measured by education, not money.
Everyone has a role model, I have two. My first role model is Dalia Mogahed, President
Barack Obama’s advisor. She is the first woman to wear a hijab, or veil, in the White House.
Mogahed is role model to all Egyptian Muslim girls.
Zeinab, research Dalia Mogahed and explain a little more about how she proves that education is what is important and not money.
Maybe she was very poor when she was younger, but with education, she was able to reach her position in the white house. Write about that in this paragraph. My second role model is Magdi Yacoub, a Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery at
Imperial College in London. He is also notable for saving many lives by pioneering a technique for 'switching' the heart vessels of babies born with a congenital heart defect. Recently, he is working on opening a hospital for free treatment of the less fortunate.
Also, research more about
Magdi Yacoub and give an example about how he proves that education is more important than money. He may also have a history like Dalia. Maybe he came from a poor family as well.
Write about that in this paragraph. In