My Dream Essay

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On May 22, 1998, the skies opened and the angels dropped down a beautiful baby boy named . He was born into a family with two parents and one older sister named Sarah. People would think that the mother should hold her child the most, but that was not the case. She tried, buy his Nana would never give him up. His grandpa would sit there watching baseball as she held him. He loved baseball and played for a Navy college in a Division one league. The day he could watch his grandson play would be one of the best moments of his life. Luckily, this day came five years later when Matt started to play tee-ball. As he progressed through the years his grandfather would tell him how much better he was getting. Matt made his first travel team, and it boosted his confidence. He tried out for the middle school team, and made it. He then made the 8th grade team and eventually the 9th grade team. Now here I am, a sophomore in high school continuing to play all for one dream: to go to a college for division one baseball, just like my grandpa. I want to be a division one baseball player because I love the sport and it is good for scholarships. In order to achieve this, I will have to train like a bull. Every day I will need to get better, because if I’m not, someone else who could take my spot is. Trying to make a division one sport is a race that I started when I was born. Each day I need to improve, and if I run it right, the finish line will be very rewarding. I have played baseball my whole life, and I want to go as far with it as I can.