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Prabin Khatri
Professor, Ong
Asian Studies 0316
28 October 2014
Throughout the history immigrants from around the world search for a new beginning whether it be searching for American dream or simply searching for a fresh start. In this country of United States citizens are either for idea of immigration or against it. Once entered in United
States citizens are either for the idea of immigration undergo scrutiny from the natives in most cases of immigration. The United States is a country where one is either succumbed to assimilating with the dominant group or stays true to one’s ethnic heritage and joins there fellow minority groups. During the migration to a new country and society one is face with many difficult decisions which hinder the rest of their lives or give one a fresh start. Most immigrants migrating to the United States search for a new beginning only to work on minimum wages jobs.
Immigrants are succumbed to working at these jobs due to the fast cash that is received that at these establishments no legal paperwork is needed. Society is has been forced to believe that immigration is a horrible epidemic that has plagued our society such an epidemic that leaves citizens calling immigrants aliens and illegals as if they are not of this world. Racism is actually the epidemic that has plagued our society where citizens that ancestors were most likely immigrants have the audacity to call someone not of the same ethnicity an alien. Immigration allows for