Personal Narrative-Sacrifice

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I have always loved to climb rocks and jump from crack to crack, but heights have never been my thing . But in this summer of 2013 I got to take to a whole new level. I was going to Zion National Park with my mom, dad, brother,and sister. We were all excited about what we were about to do but at the sametime nervous. None of us had ever gone repelling so it was a first for all of us.
When we arrived at the wooden guide building they prepped us on the fun yet dangerous activity we were about to embark on. We got into the company's black Jeep Wrangler and started the suspenseful drive to the repelling location. During our drive I talked with my brother as we exchanged our thoughts on what we thought it was going to be like, I remember the words that my brother said to me, “You don’t want to fall Riley.” when he said those words I got a cold
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As we continued to hike the tension built up amongst us as we rose higher up on the boulderous landscape. As we reached the top the guide gave us the most detailed instructions I had ever heard. As we approached the edge from where we would repel I glanced down the gargantuan mouth of the 348 ft canyon we were about to go into, I instantly got some serious butterflies like there was a waking storm inside my stomach. As we started to go down one by one my courage was quickly being sapped away. I was the third to repel the drop, as I hooked in and began my long drop I practically froze in fear as I had realized part of the descent was at a 45 degree inverted angle. Though I could not stop so I continued slowly down the the strong gritty walls. I could hear my brother from below supporting me and saying “You can do it!”. So I went as fast I as could down the canyon and I could feel the heat from the carabiner as the rope moved quickly through it in front of me as I dropped to the