Personal Narrative-Sacrifice

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My first instinctive reaction to what had occurred was to run, as far as I could. I didn’t understand anything that was going on, I was the one who killed that deer, both of them and I was sure that I might try to do the same thing again. I looked towards the sky and my eyes were greeted with the light of the silvery full moon shining beautifully as it had when Ethan and I had first escaped this horror. However, where before it had shown mockingly above the chaos and devastation, it now shown with an encouraging light of beauty and freedom, and I felt calm as I looked towards its glow. I felt that I could just stare at it for the rest of life and into eternity’s end, but I knew that the beast which now dwelt within my body, was hungry and wouldn’t …show more content…
He had been trying to get accustomed to the new town when he saw a tow truck pulling my wrecked car from up the road and so he asked around if anyone had known me. That’s when he talked to Kyle and he agreed to bring him up here to check if everything was alright, since my body had never been found.
“I just thought that you might have found a way to get out of there and to make it back here. “ Ethan said, trying to wipe the tears from his face. “So, I was hoping that you were going to be okay. I never thought you’d be alive.”
I tried to comfort my friend and I asked him to stay here, “At least, for the night.” I said showing him to one of the spare rooms. It had it thin sheets slightly ruffled with restless nights, its light red plaid slightly faded. The thick yellowish-white pillows slightly falling off the bed. There was a small framed photo of a pair of lynxes hanging on the wall to the left of the doorway. Thin orange rays of light shone through the curtains of the window.
“This is a nice place,” Ethan said, chuckling. “But why are you so insistent? You tried to hide from me when I came in, but now you’re asking me to stay with open arms. What’s the big