Personal Narrative-Sacrifice

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Everybody has had something in life happen that has made them who they are today. Whether it was good or bad or both. I, like many people, have dealt with both.
I was raised by my grandmother and uncle. It wasn’t an ideal raising but I was loved and taken care of in a very caring home. My grandmother, Meme, was always there for me through everything.
Any time I needed any kind of help she made sure I got it.
When she passed away On Jan 30th, 2013 I thought my own life had went with her. Most of that year was a blur for me. I don’t remember my children’s birthday parties and any other significant things most would remember.
After the loss of my grandmother, it didn’t take me long to find myself drinking heavily for about
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I drank to be able to deal with life on life’s terms. Or so I thought. After about another short year I found myself mixed up in using methamphetamines. I wanted to “lose weight”. Did I ever. Once I seen the drastic weight loss, I decided to quit. Easier said than done. I had quit for 2 weeks and my mother and I had gotten into a physical altercation on the account of me blacking out because I was going through withdraws.
She called the police and my youngest son’s, who was in the room when the incident happened, father and told them both I had been using drugs. Child Protective Services (CPS) got involved and came to the jail to drug test me. It was negative because I had not used in 2 weeks like I had told them.
Since then I have almost died twice from my immune system shutting down and been to rehab 3 times. I decided the last time I was there that I didn’t want that life anymore and I wanted to try and help anyone else who no longer wanted to live in that drug filled life.
So, I decided I wanted to go to school to be a counselor. Preferably a Substance Abuse counselor. For, I believe that one addict can best understand another addict and would hopefully be more open and not feel scrutinized or