Personal Narrative-Sacrifice

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“Jane, come over here please” her dad demanded harshly. Wasting no time at all Jane scurried over.
“What is it dad?” Jane asked.
“We need to talk. You know how we have been trying for a very long time to get into the Ukraine terrorist group computer data?”
“Yeah. Why?” “Well, we did. We’re in.” All I could think of was why was he having this conversation with me? Why me? Out of all the people why me? I just stared at him for like twenty minutes it felt like. Until finally I blurted out.
“Okay, so why am I here?” He just looked down at the floor like he couldn’t come up with anything to say.
“I want you to go”, he finally replied.
“Go where?” I asked confused.
“You are going to Ukraine, whether you like it or not.” I had never heard him
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We’ve been walking for miles and miles with nothing nearby. We must be in Europe somewhere, I thought. Well, I hope. We kept walking and walking and walking. We are getting absolutely nowhere. In the distance there always seemed to be buildings that were not getting any closer to us.
The sun has started to go down know. We don’t have much more time for searching, just resting. But, I didn’t want to rest, I wanted to continue my mission. Every minute that I wasted was more and more time that the terrorist had to come up with a better plan. Besides, they were probably wondering where Ivan Dziuba, my made up name. All the questions that must be going through their heads right now. My cover is blown, I blew it. They must know, they just must. What will I say to them when I finally got there. Too many thoughts running through my head, all at once.
“Should we stop here and continue in the morning?” I asked. Everyone shaking their heads in agreement. I lay on the hard, but comforting ground, closed my eyes. I couldn’t sleep, while my body was tired I wasn’t. I looked around and everyone was sound asleep. I gathered my stuff and kept on moving. By daylight, I found a little deserted village. The town must not be awake yet I thought.
“What are you doing here?” Commented a