Personal Narrative-Sacrifice

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Mr. Shapiro,

Hello, if you're reading this I'd just like to thank you for your time. I know you have a lot of other things that you need to attend to, truly I do appreciate it, and in an instance as such, I think an experienced opinion would be wise to consult.

On Friday, April 27th, at the high school I attend (Urbana High School, MD) held a protest advocating for LGBTQ+ "civil liberties" and "taking a stand" against the oppressor majority of marginalized groups. The demonstration consisted of a body of willing participants who determined that, in objection of said discrimination, would go mute for an entire school day to replicate the silenced voices of the community, God only knows how this in any way helped, but it happened nonetheless.
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This continued throughout the day, at which I felt threatened to a point where I thought my best interest was maybe to insist upon the silence of my friends and self, this is when I became genuinely disgusted and my red flag waved vehemently. I realised, even more so than I had known before, the overall pernicious, malicious, and divisive substructure underlying the compassionate intent the demonstration championed.

But this thought not only made me repulsed but implored me to obdurate against the cause, so I made the ‘contentious’ decision to keep talking. Conspicuously skeptical things continued to happen throughout the day, including after school, my particular group of friends was sub-tweeted being characterized by one of the protesters as “white supremacists” and “evangelical christians who don’t know the first fucking thing about democracy or oppression”. It was later deleted when it was leaked from her private account and shown to me. now as a identified conservative feel more ostracised than ever before, in the institution that is claimed to be explicitly free from prejudice and the demeaning of ideas. I hate to complain to you and I can certainly adapt, but something so egregious deserves to be addressed. What do you suggest I do, about the entirety of this situation, do I confront it, or let it be blown over?