Personal Narrative-Sacrifice

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I groggily woke up after some period of time in the middle of complete darkness. As I reared my head around and examined the room, I noticed I was tied to someone behind me. The rope that connected us was thick and rough. It wrapped around our waists and was tied in an impossible knot. I tried to observe our surroundings, but the cell was completely dark. I could barely see my own feet in front of me. I turned around to see who was tied to me, but I could not recognize her in the dark. The woman was sleeping and looked about middle-aged with long hair that draped over her face. I thought I recognized her from somewhere but I couldn’t identify her.

Suddenly, the lights flickered on and the woman’s hair fell from her face as she moved in her sleep. When the woman rolled around, I suddenly recognized the woman as my beautiful wife. I wondered why my captors brought in my wife and what
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The rope, although thick and untieable, could possibly be cut with the spike through my wife. I determined that it was possible to cut the rope in the short time it would take for the spike to reach me. Quickly, I tugged the rope with my hands and sawed it along the bloody spike. By now, the screams had stopped and my wife was dead. The rope became a bloody mess. I could not bear to look up and see my wife’s torturous expression on her face, but I had to continue cutting the rope. Seconds turned into minutes, and minutes turned into hours. The rope slowly loosened until there was no more but a few strands holding it together. The spike began to graze my back. It then went through the first layer of my skin. But I didn’t stop sawing, as freedom was so close in sight. At last, when the final strand was broken, I collapsed from exhaustion and rolled away from the spike. I had escaped another death trap, but I did not save my wife. The pain, both physical and emotional, was too much for me. I fell into a deep