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Phantom of the Opera Oral Presentation
By: Amy Heitz

The Phantom of the Opera started off as a book written by Gaston Leroux. This book was published in 1911 and was Leroux only claim to fame. The book was based off strange appearances and hauntings said to be happening at the Paris Opera House in the 19th century. When the book was released it did not get any praise, but was more recognized when translated and given to the Americans, French, and English. The original title of the novel is “Le Fantôme de l’Opéra.” The book led to a silent film completed in 1925. This Universal production was directed by Rupert Julian. The phantom was played by Lon Chaney Sr. The first showing of this movie was done in the Astor Theatre, in New York City. Later through the 1930-1940’s the show was given color and also sound. The Phantom of the Opera is located at the Paris Opera House where the phantom, Erik a disfigured man scared from birth lives. After the death of Christine Daae’s father she is given a position in the chorus at the Paris Opera House. Her father had always told her stories of an “Angel of Music” and had told her before his death that he would come to her also. The phantom falls in love with Christine and wants to make her the star of the show. Christine believes the phantom to be the angel her father had promised would come to her. Request from the phantom are not met by the directors of the performance the lead is not given to Christine and the box requested in audience is not saved for the phantom. In turn the lead singer ends up losing her voice and the grand chandelier comes crashing down. Christine is taken by the Erik and after Christine unmask him she tells him he is not ugly because of his face but because of his soul. The phantom allows Christine to leave as long as she promises to wear his ring. The phantom hears Christine telling her fiancé Raoul about this and ends up taking her again and threatens to not only blow up the opera house but also kill Raoul if she does not agree to marry him. Christine agrees to this to save the others but finally the Phantom realizes the error of his ways and allows Christine to leave and marry her true love, Raoul. At the end of the production the Phantom is said to die and the infinite rose is left my Christine. Andrew Lloyd Webber was the one to make this play what it is today. Webber’s inspiration is said to have come from an original novel he found in a New York Store for only a dollar, and also he had hopes to write a romance for his new wife Sarah Brightman. Webber’s first preview of this performance was done at his country home in 1985. The first showing of The Phantom of the Opera was done at Her Majesty’s Theatre on October 9th, 1986. The reviews from his performance were of high praise. Time said this quote of “God’s gift to musical