Ten Writing Types

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Ten Writing Types:

People that I meet are often jealous of my amazing intellectual skills and dashing good looks. But I can see how they would be since I have an amazingly prestigious PhD in advanced physics from Harvard that represents the expansive amount of information I contain inside my magnificent brain.

We had to make a pit stop at the pump to fill up my car. While we were there, Jimmy grabbed some dough out of his wallet and bought some grub before getting wired from drinking three cups of coffee. He managed to keep his cool though for the whole trip.

The little girl rushed forward to hug her grandmother, her hands attempting to wrap around her grandmother’s back as her small fingers clutched on to her warm sweater. The girl pushed her rosy cheeks into her grandmother’s chest and grinned from ear to ear, stretching up on her tip toes. When their embrace finally ended, the girl tightly grabbed her grandmother’s hand and headed toward the house, leading the way as she ran and pulled her grandmother by the hand.

There was a five car pile up on the freeway yesterday. Three people were seriously injured, and two cars were totaled. The freeway was shutdown for over two hours.

The mother and father of the young child revealed to their son that his grandmother had passed away, stating that she was now pushing up daisies. The boy waited until he visited the rest room before he bawled his eyes out.

The rotting animal sat in a pungent, crumpled heap on the side of the road, its shape was no longer recognizable. The animal had been brutally smashed by a car days before as the car raced down the street and rammed straight into the animal.

I ran into a friend at a restaurant ( I can’t remember which one) the other day and as I talked to her she kept looking at my hair. I was like what? Is there