What’s love got to do with anything? Essay

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What’s love got to do with anything? In his article “What’s Lobe Got To Do With It?” William Raspberry is focusing on college level when it comes down to the new definition of hooking up, when the subject of hooking up is a deeper subject. Raspberry points out the college admission are not doing there jobs and have walked away from there duties of guiding these young adults, but doesn’t really dig deeper to find out that in today’s teens and having sex and hooking up pre-college. So who really is to blame, not the college admission but the parents themselves or even the middle and high school teachers? Raspberry states that there wasn’t a huge survey and doesn’t really enclose what types of colleges or ages groups included in this survey. This could easily sway there survey that was already bias as it was conducted from an associate at the Institute for American Values in New York. Also mentioned was a part where there was found surprisingly to the study that the hookups sometimes involved drinking and drunkenness. This is almost a no brainer when it comes to alcohol and anything can result in a outcome that sometimes wouldn’t have happened sober. Raspberry also points out that women where given this powerful drug that was suppose to empower the women to behave like men. This of course backs fire and made women less equal. As this magically pill was allowing women to become less likely of becoming pregnant during un-protected sex was taking the only power that…