Why College Is Important To Me

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Growing up in a military household gave me the opportunity to travel the world and experience different people and places. I can honestly say that these experiences have shaped my life in indescribable ways. I was born in Japan. My mother is from Hong Kong and my father is an American. I am very fortunate that I have been able to learn all about the various cultures and languages from the U.S., Hong Kong, and Japan since I was little. I believe that communication is one of my greatest strengths. I enjoy making friends from different countries, as it gives me a chance to learn more about their lifestyle, cultures, and languages. This strength has taught me that being different is good. I have friends and families from Hong Kong, Japan, India, Korea, China, Egypt, and of course the U.S. My communication skill allows me to easily communicate with others, especially when working on a team project with classmates or participating in community service. …show more content…
But as I grew up and matured, I now have a stronger understanding of why college is so important and not just because colleges offer you an education, but because of the experiences, skills, and training you earn and the leadership skills you develop, all of which I noticed were necessary skills for my future career. Jacksonville University is always a priority choice of my college option. I started to pay attention JU since I was 12 years old because of the new driving route from home to school. I used to think JU is a mystery college, wondering how big or what is it looks like inside. I have been taking as many as opportunities to attend the events which held at JU such as Armada FC soccer games, SAT and ACT examinations ever since so that I can explore