Why I Chose Scholarship

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Nothing is more important to me than my education, and my community. Throughout my high school career, I have been involved in as many activities in my school and community as I could. Having these several clubs and committees and still maintaining a solid GPA shows that I can continue to have this quality in college. I will give my all to make sure I do outstanding in my college courses and will continue to work as I did in high school to get my medical degree. I feel that I qualify for this scholarship not only because I attended South Elementary, but because I truly need the financial support to obtain my degree. I am not receiving any form of financial help from my parents for my college expenses so the amount I cannot pay with scholarships will be out of my pocket. The career I have chosen to pursue takes more years of schooling than the typical job which means it takes more money to pay for tuition. …show more content…
I'm choosing the medical field as my career path for mainly one reason and that is because it is my passion. I am going to major in pre-medicine to get my bachelor's degree then continue on to medical school to receive my PhD and become a physician. Science is not only my highest ACT score, but what I excel at most in the classroom. I enjoy the idea of being able to help people who are in need. After I graduate from medical school I would like to come back to Morgan county where I can start a family and begin my own medical practice. So, it would be a huge honor to me and my family to be given such a meaningful scholarship as the Morgan South Elementary scholarship. Awarding me with this scholarship will not only help me pay for my degree, but it will give me the ability to help