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AYD Application 2013-2014


Thank you for applying to the Association of Aspiring Young Doctors Xavier chapter. Please answer the following series of questions as part of the application process, and email your submission to Applications are due no later than Tuesday, September 24, 2013 at 11:59pm. You will receive an email sometime after the deadline in response to your application regarding club admission. Best of luck!

1. Please explain why you are interested in joining AYD. (150 words max.)

2. Name and describe 3 characteristics which you possess that would make you a valuable member of the club. (175 words max)

3. Tell us about an experience, good or bad, which influenced who you are today. (200 words max.)

4. If you were characteristic of a food, what food would you be? Why? (150 words max.)

How did you hear about AYD? Please highlight all applicable. Poster Announcement Friend Other _________________

In my opinion I think that universities and job places should just team up. So for example if it is a medical school then maybe hospital directors could visit the university and see the students directly so then when the student graduates they will already have a job or a job interview.
I do not have an opinion on this article this article provided both sides of the story but as I student I would also like a job as soon as I graduate, it would be extremely nice to already have a…