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My Big Step
Having completed a beautiful dress like this gave me a sense of elation. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the finished piece lying on the table in front of me. It was a pearl colored laced top, with a satin chest, and diamond studs spread across the shoulders. There were no words to explain the look on my face when I was done. Even with all the doubt and lack of confidence I had in myself, it all changed when I looked at this final piece. The excitement I was in when I realized that I developed these skills after having to be skeptical of myself made me gain trust in myself. It made me believe that trying new things and learning new concepts can give me a whole different view of life and knowledge, that I didn’t have already.
All summer I kept myself busy by getting involved in camps and clubs. Helping my dad rebuilding his truck was fun , but a new and different idea came to my mind this time. I thought outside the box for a while, and decided to take an art class, specifically fashion design. I hesitated at first because art wasn’t a strong skill for me, but trying something new would be great and it would only help me improve my skills that I don’t have. Usually when I’m told to draw in school or camp it all ends looking like a painting that was out in the rain all night, but doing it because I want to do it would end up looking like a masterpiece. Starting this class would be electrifying.
As I wavered this idea, I told myself that I can’t stay blind from all the different concepts that I would learn from art. I signed up for a few classes, and I started a compelling course, and it felt more comfortable, days and weeks passed by and I liked it more and more as each class went by. Towards the end of the course we were assigned to draw an outfit. I, of course was going crazy, thinking how I am supposed to draw a full outfit. I snapped back and told myself that I can do this, I was determined to never give up, so I started sketching what was on my mind. I found myself drawing a wedding dress, I drew a little everyday for one week, and by the end of the