Work Day As An Inventory Control Analyst At Jabil Circuit Inc.

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Inventory Analyst
My typical work day as an Inventory Control Analyst at Jabil Circuit inc. consists of the following activities.
Creating a “pull” list for part’s from the warehouse: The planning team will create sales orders based on customer demand. Sales orders are then loaded into our Enterprise Resource Management software (SAP), and the production plan is released to Inventory Control team. Based on that production plan I as an inventory analyst will create a “pull” ticket for the material to be removed from the warehouse and taken to the production line. The “Pull” lists are handed out to the Forklift operators who, using RF Scanners go through the warehouse “kitting” the orders.
Validating that the pulls are complete: After the pullers have finished the pulls and “kitted” the orders I will verify that all the pulls have been completed and all the material required for the sales order is present.
“Dropping” the orders: After the “pulls” are complete, and the orders “kitted” and verified, I now need to “drop” the orders in SAP (Enterprise Resource Planning software) to verify that the proper system movements have occurred so that when the orders have gone through the manufacturing process and get to shipping, there will not be any issues. “Dropping” the orders is the process that updates the status of the orders in our Inventory and manufacturing systems that the order has been completed and is ready to be run by our manufacturing team.
In my job, I am able