Classroom Observation Paper

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A teacher’s job is not an easy one, by any means…. There may be many conflicting needs within a single classroom, and one of the greatest challenges is finding a teaching method that works for the education of all the students…. Collaborating with a group is difficult when all members of the group have very full schedules…. These observations are just a few of the thoughts that came to me while working with Kelsey, Olivia, and Katie on our group presentation these past few weeks. Some of the things I found most interesting that I learned about second graders during this project include: their need for reassurance, their mood issues, and that they can become ill from worrying about their assignments. I thought it was interesting that they …show more content…
This would be especially important to remember when teaching second-graders, as moods—especially depression and anxiety—can seriously impact a student’s ability to learn. As a second-grade teacher I should remember to watch for signs of mood issues, and give students opportunities for quiet reflection—perhaps in a “contemplation corner”—or sharing with others (myself, or the class as a whole, depending on the child’s personality type) regarding what is troubling them. Another thing that I learned about second-graders that is quite important to remember is that copying from the board is very difficult for them. This means that I should make sure to use other methods where appropriate to convey information to the students. Since second-graders usually listen well, perhaps more verbal instructions, in addition to instructions written on the chalkboard, would be in order. A final thing that I learned about this grade group is its need for rules, routines, and personal boundaries. This means that it would be especially important that I make sure to establish clear rules and guidelines from the outset—as outlined in The First Six Weeks of School—so as to provide the students with the right environment for them to learn academics and grow in social skills for the remainder of the