GRE Text Completion Practice Test 08

1. The crew of the air balloon ____ the sand bags to help the balloon rise over the hill.

A. capsized
B. jettisoned
C. salvaged
D. augmented
E. enumerated

2. We were not fooled by his (i)____ arguments; his plan was (ii)____ . That even he was (iii)____ by his own reasoning was apparent from his unenthusiastic demeanor.

Blank (i)
A. specious
B. cogent
C. labyrinthine
Blank (ii)
D. obviously untenable
E. clearly brilliant
F. cunningly contrived
Blank (iii)
G. duped
H. persuaded
I. unconvinced

3. Hawkins is ____ in his field; no other contemporary scientist commands the same respect.

A. disparaged
B. ignominious
C. obsolete
D. anachronistic
E. preeminent

4. The model paraded in front of the celebrities with (i)____ ; it was impossible to tell that this was her (ii)____.

Blank (i)
A. trepidation
B. consternation
C. panache
Blank (ii)
D. first assignment
E. normal gait
F. real persona

5. English words and expressions have come into being (i)____, and some common expressions are decidedly illogical. The term lead pencil, for example, is a (ii)____ ; pencils are filled with graphite not lead.

Blank (i)
A. haphazardly
B. rationally
C. ab initio
Blank (ii)
D. misdemeanor
E. misnomer
F. euphemism

6. When the (i)____ weather forced us to stay indoors, we resorted to (ii)____ board games to pass the time. Anything, however (iii)____, was better in our present troubled state of mind than sitting in silence.

Blank (i)
A. congenial
B. restorative
C. inclement
Blank (ii)
D. inane
E. exhilarating
F. challenging
Blank (iii)
G. time-consuming
H. vacuous
I. versatile

7. It will be hard to (i)____ Leonid now that you have so (ii)____ him.

Blank (i)
A. indict
B. mollify
C. lampoon
Blank (ii)
D. subjugated
E. incensed
F. bemused

8. Edward was understandably upset that he had lost the position, but he was (i)____ by the conviction that he had done nothing to (ii)____ the dismissal.

Blank (i)
A. saddened
B. miffed
C. consoled
Blank (ii)
D. merit
E. mar
F. delay

9. She was roundly condemned for her ____ ; she betrayed the woman to whom she owed her success.

A. truculence
B. perfidy
C. serendipity
D. pragmatism
E. discernment

10. Our grandfather was an entertaining (i)____; he used to (ii)____ us with marvelous anecdotes that we, in our childlike simplicity, (iii)____.

Blank (i)
A. raconteur
B. rascal
C. curmudgeon
Blank (ii)
D. intimidate
E. regale
F. bore
Blank (iii)
G. accepted unquestioningly
H. debated ferociously
I. debunked readily

Test information

Q 10 questions

Time 10 minutes

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