GRE Vocabulary

To score well on the verbal section of the current GRE General Test you need a superior vocabulary. If you haven�t got one, start learning our gre words right now!

A disciplined approach will help: buy a note book and write down all words which you don�t know as you do our free verbal tests.

Word Lists

We have 15 word lists containing 1,500 essential words. Go to the GRE word lists now.


  • We don�t want to waste your time, and so all the 1,500 words on our lists are words used by the ETS examiners.
  • The advanced word lists contain some words that look rather easy, but that have meanings that you might not be aware of. The examiners love words with more than one meaning and words that can be used as different part of speech.
  • Use the explanations to the text completion and sentence equivalence questions that you get wrong.

Word focus

Word Focus ebook
Word Focus is our systematic approach to advanced vocabulary building. Find out more about Word Focus.

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