GRE Scores

The maximum score for the test is 340: verbal and quantitative sections are each worth 170 points.

Students can expect to receive their official score 10 - 15 days after the test.

The writing mark (on 6) is reported along with the score, but is not included in the score for the other sections.

What is a good GRE score?

A good GRE score is one that gets you into the graduate program of your choice. You can check the median score of last years intake to put an actual number to the score that any particular program requires. (The range of GRE score might actually give you a better idea of your chances for admission.)

Do note that an unbalanced score with a very high percentile in one area and a low percentile in the other - is not as impressive as a balanced score.

The score on the analytical writing section needs to be 4.5 and above to qualify as "good".

Next Steps

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