GRE Sentence Equivalence Practice Test 01

1. The prize competition was ____ as a showcase for new technology, but instead the competition was marred by disqualifications and disputes.

A. disappointing
B. conceived
C. touted
D. heralded
E. promising
F. required

2. The new institute provides intensive postgraduate teaching to a wide range of students, in the hope that these students will use their knowledge to boost the country's ____ economy.

A. languishing
B. emerging
C. booming
D. domestic
E. bankrupt
F. flagging

3. Like other metaphors, the "book of Nature" has two facets: it is ____ but if taken literally, it may mislead.

A. heuristic
B. perceptive
C. poetic
D. insightful
E. prosaic
F. iconoclastic

4. The increasing interactivity emerging in the latest computer systems means that the traditional view of the computer as a ____ of information now unduly limiting.

A. gleaner
B. transformer
C. processor
D. producer
E. repository
F. cache

5. Turing’s life exerts a powerful and ____ effect on writers – the combination of the highly intellectual and the personally dramatic is hard to resist.

A. abiding
B. pervasive
C. perennial
D. irresistible
E. unmitigated
F. multifaceted

6. As a result of his regimented upbringing, that left him unable to see the nuances of complex situations, he was often accused of being ____ .

A. indecisive
B. tyrannical
C. obtuse
D. boorish
E. xenophobic
F. imperceptive

7. It is paradoxical that String Theory inspires such widespread respect when it is so ____ that few could ever hope to master its claims.

A. intractable
B. confusing
C. elevated
D. arcane
E. obscure
F. rigorous

8. Those with a reputation for ____ behavior seldom inspire respect: unwavering adherence to a viewpoint is more admired than flexibility.

A. capricious
B. bombastic
C. dogmatic
D. fickle
E. honorable
F. stalwart

9. The courtiers of the time had to be ____ in order to survive in an atmosphere where the least sign of rebellion could lead to banishment or worse.

A. taciturn
B. fawning
C. docile
D. self-serving
E. upright
F. servile

10. Forgiveness was fine in theory, but she had trouble in accepting a religion that would allow ____ evil-doers access to heaven.

A. repentant
B. contrite
C. blatant
D. venial
E. pardoned
F. recalcitrant

Test information

Q 10 questions

Time 10 minutes

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