GRE Word List 15

Group 1

Abradedworn away; eroded [abrade (v); abrasion (n)]
Appositefitting; suitable
Diatribetirade; violent denunciation; stream of criticism
Gerontocracygovernment by the aged
Sedulitythoroughness; perseverance [sedulous (a)]
Seinetype of fishing net
Tenderto offer
Waffletalk nonsense

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Group 2

Burlesque1. comic play; 2. lampoon
Exemplarmodel type [exemplary (a)]
Homileticsart of preaching and giving sermons
Impugnchallenge; question someones honor etc.
Incubusencumbrance; nightmarish thing
Loperun with long strides
Maceratesoften or break up by soaking; weaken
Saw1. tool for cutting; 2. wise saying

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Group 3

Brook1. small stream; 2. tolerate
Embossdecorate with a raised design
Eschewshun; avoid
Limpidtransparently clear
Liturgyform of worship
Odometerinstrument to measure distance covered
Purchase1. grip; 2. buy
Quotidiandaily; routine
Seminalessential; formative

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Group 4

Agogamazed; wide-eyed with enthusiasm
Amortizepay off a debt in installments
Curmudgeongrumpy person
Dormancystate of inactivity
Epithetphrase used as a label or to express the essential nature of
Figureheadsymbol of power; nominal leader
Fracasfight; disturbance
Jambdoor post
Milkto squeeze; obtain by application of pressure

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Group 5

Choralessimple hymns
Dissonancediscord; disagreement
Friezedecorative border
Gistessence; main point
Latenthidden; real but undeveloped
Ploddingwalking slowly and heavily; uninspired
Rekindlerelight; revive
Symphonytype of musical composition
Tarnishedmade dull; spoil (reputation)

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Group 6

Compromised1. damaged or put in doubt (esp. of reputation); 2. reached an agreement by giving up part of a claim
Endowgive gift; provide with money etc.
Esotericaobscure details
Prattlemindless talk
Prohibitive1. prohibiting; 2. exorbitantly expensive
Puristconservative; one who insists on correct forms of language etc.
Quackcharlatan; fake
Tauntmock; tease

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Group 7

Arresting (a)attracting attention; striking
Barrageextended gunfire to cover an attack; dam across river; deluge or information etc.
Chanteytype of song sung by sailors
Ferrousconcerned with iron or its compounds
Oratespeak in a pompous manner
Psychosissevere mental disturbance
Table (v)put down for future discussion
Underwritegive guarantee, insure

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Group 8

Dissidentperson who disagrees [dissidence (n)]
Enigmaticpuzzling [enigma (n)]
Foolhardyreckless [foolhardiness (n)]
Homogeneityevenness; uniformity
Personification1. represent something as a person; 2. a concrete example of
Plaque1. surface deposit on teeth or in artery etc.; 2. decorative plate or sign
Plausibilitybelievability [plausible (a)]
Resilienceresistance; ability to spring back [resilience (a)]
Trilogyset of three (literary works etc.); tetralogy = set of four
Vagarysomething unaccountable; freak

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Group 9

Aislecorridor; passageway (esp. between rows of seats)
Imperativemust be obeyed
Indigentpoor; needy [indigence (n)]
Nadirlowest point
Paranoiamental state characterized by delusions or excessive fear
Prudencecaution; wisdom
Resuscitationrevival from unconsciousness [resuscitate (v)]
Shirkavoid (esp. work)
Teetotalismtotal abstinence from alcohol

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Group 10

Balmsoothing ointment or anything soothing [balmy (a)]
Calibratemark an accurate scale on a device
Cataclysmicviolently disruptive [cataclysm (n)]
Improprietyinappropriate behavior
Pithcenter; soft part of stem; essence
Primordialpresent from the beginning of time
Reconnaissanceexamination or survey conducted in advance [reconnoiter (v)]
Sinistralleft-handed (or counterclockwise) [dextral - right handed]
Underminesubvert; attempt to overthrow

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