GRE Text Completion Practice Test 03

1. Today Wegener's theory is (i)____ ; however, he died an outsider treated with (ii)____ by the scientific establishment.

Blank (i)
A. unsupported
B. unchallenged
C. undervalued
Blank (ii)
D. reverence
E. disdain
F. impartiality

2. The revolution in art has not lost its steam; it ____ on as fiercely as ever.

A. trudges
B. meanders
C. edges
D. ambles
E. rages

3. Each occupation has its own ____ ; bankers, lawyers and computer professionals, for example, all use among themselves language which outsiders have difficulty following.

A. merits
B. disadvantages
C. rewards
D. jargon
E. problems

4. ____ by nature, Jones spoke very little even to his own family members.

A. garrulous
B. equivocal
C. taciturn
D. arrogant
E. gregarious

5. Biological clocks are of such (i)____ adaptive value to living organisms, that we would expect most organisms to (ii)____ them, and, indeed, we find that such clocks are virtually (iii)____.

Blank (i)
A. meager
B. ambivalent
C. clear
Blank (ii)
D. eschew
E. possess
F. select
Blank (iii)
G. ubiquitous
H. unknown
I. compulsory

6. The revolutionaries working to improve the lives of the peasants faced an (i)____ task; the peasants were the least (ii)____ of all people, bound by tradition and (iii)____ by superstitions.

Blank (i)
A. unwarranted
B. uphill
C. unacceptable
Blank (ii)
D. free
E. reactionary
F. enthralled
Blank (iii)
G. rejected
H. obscured
I. fettered

7. Many people at that time believed that spices help preserve food; however, Hall found that many marketed spices were ____ bacteria, moulds and yeasts.

A. devoid of
B. teeming with
C. improved by
D. destroyed by
E. active against

8. If there is nothing to absorb the energy of sound waves, they travel on (i)____ , but their intensity (ii)____ as they travel further from their source.

Blank (i)
A. indefinitely
B. erratically
C. slowly
Blank (ii)
D. alleviates
E. diminishes
F. mitigates

9. This recent evaluation of two artists whose works even experts find difficult to (i)____, reveals a surprising (ii)____ in their temperaments: Palmer was reserved and courteous, Frazer (iii)____ and boastful.

Blank (i)
A. evaluate
B. distinguish
C. critique
Blank (ii)
D. similarity
E. difference
F. constraint
Blank (iii)
G. choleric
H. tractable
I. phlegmatic

10. The intellectual flexibility inherent in a multicultural nation has been (i)____ in classrooms where emphasis on British-American literature has not reflected the cultural (ii)____ of our country.

Blank (i)
A. inculcated
B. encouraged
C. stifled
Blank (ii)
D. unanimity
E. diversity
F. aspirations

Test information

Q 10 questions

Time 10 minutes

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