GRE Word List 08

Group 1

Atheistperson who does not believe in God
Colloquiallocal and informal (used of language)
Dotardfoolish old man
Instigatortroublemaker; person who entices others to do something
Misnomerwrong name
Percipientperceptive; insightful
Quaffdrink down quickly
Staunchloyal; faithful; dependable
Vilificationblackening someone's name

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Group 2

Atrophywaste away from lack of use
Collusionplotting and planning
Drawlspeak slowly with words running together
Furtivehidden and secret
Insurgenta rebel
Misogynisthater of women
Quagmiremarsh; bog
Stereotypefixed image
Vindicateprove right; remove blame

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Group 3

Commandeertake possession of
Futileuseless; hopeless
Misrepresentationdeliberately deceiving
Peremptoryin a commanding manner
Virtuosoan accomplished musician

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Group 4

Augmentincrease; make bigger
Complacentself-satisfied; smug
Drolldryly amusing
Galleonancient type of sailing ship
Intermittentsporadic; irregular
Mitigatelessen; make less severe
Quandarydilemma; puzzle
Virulentdangerous; harmful

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Group 5

Auspiciousfavorable; promising to turn out well
Complianteasy to control; submissive
Drone1. monotonous noise (n); 2. to speak with no emotion (v); 3.male bee
Gambolfrolic; leap; bound
Modicumsmall amount
Perfunctorysuperficial; cursory
Quarantineisolation to prevent the spread of disease
Stoicknown for fortitude; indifferent to pleasure or pain
Vitalessential; alive; important

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Group 6

Austereseverely plain
Concatenatelink together
Garbledistort; confuse; muddle
Intransigentstubborn; unyielding
Momentousvery important
Peripateticnomadic; moving from place to place
Quarry1. something that is hunted; 2. mine for stone
Stokeadd fuel to; strengthen
Vitrioliccorrosive; strongly attacking

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Group 7

Aversiona dislike of
Concatenationlinking into chains
Dupeto fool someone
Monotonousdull; unvarying
Peripheralon the edge; not important
Querulousalways complaining
Stolidimpassive; dull; indifferent
Vivacityliveliness; animation

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Group 8

Balkhinder and prevent; hesitate over
Conciliateto bring together; end a dispute
Dynamiclively; vibrant; energetic
Garnergather; collect
Moratoriumtemporary prohibition or halt to activity
Perjurytelling lies under oath
Stratagemplot; plan; trick

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Group 9

Banalcommon; dull
Concisestated in few words
Ebullientvery lively; cheerful; jovial; happy
Invidiousarousing envy
Moribundon the point of death
Perniciousdestructive; harmful
Ramblewander aimlessly
Stridentloud and harsh
Vociferousnoisy; loud in speech

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Group 10

Banalityordinariness; dullness
Condescendtalk down to
Eccentricunusual; quirky; odd
Gauntemaciated; bony and angular
Inviolablecannot be invaded
Morosegloomy; bad tempered
Persnicketyfastidious; fussy
Ramificationsbranches; subdivisions of a complex system; outcomes
Stringentstrict or severe
Volatiledangerously unstable; evaporates easily

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