GRE Word List 11

Group 1

Abatereduce in intensity
Abjurerenounce; swear to refrain from something
Blandishmentwords used to coax or flatter [blandish (v)]
Boorill-mannered person [boorish (a)]
Cardinal1. high ranking church official; 2. major, important
Deliberate1. slow (a); 2. to think over (v); 3. on purpose (a)
Equivocationspeaking ambiguously [equivocate (v), equivocal (a)]
Fecklessfeeble; helpless; lacking in initiative
Imperturbabilityquality of being calm and not easily disturbed [imperturbable (a)]
Meretriciousfalsely attractive; tawdry

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Group 2

Auguryprediction, looking for omens [augur (v)]
Boycottrefuse to have dealings with
Glibslick; superficial esp. in speech
Incisecut into [incision (n); incisive (a)]
Moralisticconcerned with morals [moralize (v)]
Ostracismshunning; social isolation [ostracize (v)]
Penchantinclination; leaning; tendency; predilection
Rarefymake less dense [rarefaction (n)]
Repinefret; be discontented
Stipulatespecify [stipulation (n)]

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Group 3

Diaphanoustransparent; thin and delicate
Feintpretended attack; a move intended to deceive
Inuredhardened; habituated
Mettlesomespirited [mettle (n)]
Stygianvery dark
Toutingadvertising; supporting [tout (v)]
Virtuosityskill, expertise [virtuoso (n); virtuosi (]
Volubilityexcessive talkativeness [voluble (a)]

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Group 4

Caretpunctuation mark signifying omission
Contiguousadjacent; touching; abutting [contiguity (n)]
Damp(used of vibration) reduce in extent
Ellipsisomission of essential words
Extirpationwiping out; complete destruction [extirpate (v)]
Foppishbehaving or dressing like a dandy; excessively concerned with fashion
Gaffeblunder; social mistake
Hortatoryencouraging; exhorting
Opprobriousexpressing great scorn [opprobrium (n)]
Recumbentreclining; lying down

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Group 5

Ambidextrousable to use both left and right hands equally well
Culpabilityguilt [culpable = blameworthy]
Discernmentjudgment; perceptiveness
Inveiglecoax; cajole; wheedle; entice
Ossifiedturned to bone; become rigid [ossification (n)]
Plumbmeasure depth of (v); exact (a. slang)
Quintessentialmost typical; the perfect example of [quintessence (n)]
Runicmysterious; magical

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Group 6

Accretionaccumulation of matter; growth produced by adding from the outside
Anachronisticoccurring in the wrong time period [anachronism (n)]
Chroniclong lasting (often used for diseases in which case the opposite is acute)
Churlishnessrudeness; ill-mannered behavior
Demagoguemob leader (who appeals to base instincts) [demagogy/demagoguery (n)]
Effronterydaring; audacity (has a negative connotation)
Idyllstory or incident in peaceful or ideal setting [idyllic (a)]
Interregnuminterval between reigns or governments
Nugatoryof minor significance; futile
Sinecurejob which pays salary but requiring little effort

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Group 7

Anodizedelectroplated; coated with thin layer of metal
Aphoristicexpressed tersely [aphorism (n) = short statement; maxim]
Canonicalorthodox [canon (n) = set of accepted works]
Commensurateequal in significance
Dexterityskill, esp. with hands [dexterous (a)]
Extantstill in existence (opposite of extinct)
Impugnedchallenged; called into question
Probityuprightness; honesty
Raconteurperson who relates a story
Solicitouskindly; expressing care and concern

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Group 8

Amalgamatejoin; consolidate [amalgamation (n)]
Coerceforce [coercion (n); coercing (a)]
Inchoateundeveloped; nascent
Iniquitousevil; unjust [iniquity (n)]
Libertinedissolute person; prodigal
Millineryhats and hat-making
Nattyneat; dapper; smart
Occludedobscured; blocked
Siderealof or related to stars

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Group 9

Avariciousgreedy for money
Extirpatewipe out totally
Halcyonpeaceful and happy; calm (esp. of summer weather)
List (v)1. to lean to one side; 2. to write in order
Maudlinsad; sentimental; inclined to weep
Refulgentglowing; radiant
Subliminalbelow the threshold of consciousness
Testinessirritability; irascibility [testy (a)]
Vituperateattack bitterly
Whittle1. carve with knife; 2. reduce step by step

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Group 10

Colanderbowl with holes used to drain vegetables etc.
Cumbersomebulky; difficult to carry [encumber = to burden]
Diaphanoustransparent; thin and delicate
Dispatch1. send (v); 2. speed; celerity (n)
Epistemologytheory of knowledge
Frowardstubborn; wayward; disobedient
Supinelying flat on ones back
Throwbackexhibiting primitive, or ancestral, traits
Verisimilartrue to life; giving the appearance of reality

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